What is TSA lock in Trolley Bag?

The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) is a unique locking system in a trolley bag firstly used by The Department of Homeland Security in the US. It is a global saftery lock system that allows its users to secure their luggage while allowing the security authorities to inspect it without loss.

Types of TSA Lock?

The most common type of TSA lock is the key-based TSA lock, this type of lock uses a key to open and closed the locking mechanism.

There are also combination-based TSA locks, which uses a combination of numbers or letters to open and close the locking mechanism.

What Are The Benefits of Using TSA Approved Luggage Locks?

There are several benefits of using a TSA approved locks while travelling such as:

  • Easy to operate security lock: The TSA lock is a 4-digits combination that is reporgrammable one can easily choose the padlock combination of your choice and it takes only few seconds.
  • Protect your stuff: The main benefit of TSA locks is that it holds the zippers of your bag together, so they do not open ups while transiting making your luggage sage and secure to travel.
  • Protect your suitcase from damage: When you decide to buy a trolley bag you need to be careful. If an airport security agent breaks the zipper lock, then your suitcase is damaged. That is somehow better to use TSA approved bag to protect your luggage and personal stuff from damage.
  • TSA lock don’t expire: There is no expiry of TSA lock. There are numbers on each TSA lock next to the keyhole (TSA001 to TSA007) that alert the airport staff about the master key they have to use to open it. No matter how old your luggage bag is, TSA will have a master key to open it.

Is TSA Lock Mandatory?

No, TSA locks are not mandatory. You may use any type of lock that you wish, as long as it is approved by the Transporation Security Administration.

How Do You Use a TSA Lock?

To use a TSA lock is very easy, all you need to do is insert your key into the lock and then turn it to the right. The lock will click open.

What is The Difference Between TSA Lock and Number Lock?

The difference between the TSA lock and a regular number lock or padlock is that the TSA lock is verified by the Transportation Security Administration. The security checkers at the airport can’t open the local number lock. They have to break the lock for a security check, whereas they can easily open the TSA preapproved lock because they have the master key of the TSA lock.

Which Countries Require TSA Locks?

Before embarking on an internation journey, many people ask this question.

But no country requires you to use a TSA padlock. Your luggage is your choice but in a few countries, it is prefereable to use TSA approved locks.

We have a list of those countries where it is advisable to use TSA lock to avoid your lock cut.

  • All the United States controlled airpots and all the Canadian airports.
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • South Korea
  • Israel
  • Finland
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • Germany

How Do You Tell If A Lock is TSA Approved?

If a lock is TSA certified, it has a special red diamond logo of Travel Sentry next to the keyhole.

How Much is a TSA-Approved Lock Cost?

TSA luggage lock is not expensive, you can get it at affordable prices. You can easily get for Rs 399 – 499 from the market or any other online store like Amazon.

How to Reset The TSA Approved Lock?

If you forgot the combination of your TSA lock you can easily set it.

  • Adjust the padlock to 0000
  • Look for a small hidden button to reset the padlock.
  • Then push that reset button with a pencil, pen or, pin.
  • Turn the product at 90 degrees angle from the lock position.
  • You will hear the lock release.
  • Choose a new combination for TSA lock.
  • Turn and remove the reset tool.

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