Top 10 Best Bike Helmets Under 5000

Are you looking for a new helmet?

Whether you are a mountain biker, cycler or even a motorcyclist, the right helmet is important!

Here we have compiled a list of 10 best bike helmets under 5000.

Steelbird SBH-17 Terminator Full Face Graphic Helmet

At first you might think this helmet is a bit off the wall, but that’s what makes it stand out from all other helmets. 

The design is inspired by Terminators and that alone will make heads turn. 

This graphic helmet is made of ABS which means it’s durable and probably won’t crack because of weather conditions. 

It has an adjustable chin strap which you can loosen or tighten up to fit the helmet just right. The only thing that isn’t adjustable is where you slide your goggles into. 

Goggles are not included with the purchase of this helmet, but they are compatible. The helmet features 23 ventilation holes so not too much heat will build up while riding to prevent you from overheating. 

With its glossy and matte finish and elegant painted graphics, this piece offers style and elegance to any bike, sports, or naked bike rider.

The special Smoke Sun Shield visor is optically very well corrected. This allows for a distortion-free view, so you can enjoy the thrill of driving fast and safe.

This helmet is ISI certified and comes in nine different colors. 

If you’re looking for a unique helmet that will turn heads, then we highly recommend this one!


  • You can comfortably use this helmet in rainy season
  • Scratch resistance
  • Go Pro compatible
  • One year warranty
  • Padding is removable and washable 


  • No Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Not useful at night
  • You get only two extra visors.

Axor Apex Venomous Black Neon Green Helmet

Axon APEX is a good looking helmet and provides excellent protection as well. It is slightly more expensive than some other helmets but it offers great value for the price and it has an excellent design and engineering. It’s perfect for those who require more safety during their daily activities.

The front of the helmet is very aerodynamic and it’s designed to minimize wind noise while riding at high speeds. 

The interior of this helmet are antibacterial treated so they won’t create any bad odor.It also features antibacterial pads that can be removed for easy cleaning. 

The helmet has ECE + DOT + ISI safety certification so it can be used for highway riding.

It’s very comfortable to wear and the ventilation system offers great airflow to reduce sweaty or stuffy heads after long hours of riding. 

There is also a Dual EPS Liner in this product which can effectively absorb the impact energy in a collision, thus preventing penetration to the head.

There are currently six different color variant of the Axor Apex Venomous Helmet.

  • Black Neon Grey
  • Black Blue
  • Black Grey
  • Dull Black Blue
  • Dull Black Grey
  • Dull Black Neon Grey

If you’re looking for a stylish and safe helmet, the Axon APEX should definitely be at the top of your list!


  • Comes with three safety standards
  • Pin lock installed
  • Very good airflow from the intake vents
  • Strong and Lightweight 
  • Optically correct visor


  • No Bluetooth connectivity 

Vega Off Road D/V Sketch Helmet

Number third helmet in our list we have done a thorough research of Vega’s line of off road helmets and found that they have come up with one that is extremely interesting – Vega off Road D/V Sketch Dull Black Silver Helmet. 

The helmet has a very sleek design, which makes it extremely comfortable to wear even for extended periods of time. 

It is made out of ABS material with Aerodynamic design and it weighs two pounds. It also sports an adjustable chin strap with fine-tune fit and has a tinted visor. 

The Vega Off Road D/V Sketch Helmet is designed with a very durable shell that is made of polycarbonate with scratch resistant and UV protective qualities.

It has a removable, washable liner with an antimicrobial treatment to help keep the helmet smelling fresh. 

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