Best Wallets for Men in India 2019 Reviews

If you want to be looking more attractive, you need to focus on different accessories that you are using in everyday life. Though men hardly use ornaments or something like that, one thing is common in them, the wallet. The wallet is a small case where a man carries cash, credit cards, photographs and identification card. If you want to keep them in the pocket of your shirt or pant, it will be difficult to organize them in the right manner. So, a wallet is the best solution for you. They are easy to carry and usually come with multiple compartments to carry different things. If you want to keep your stuff organized which you carry with you, choose the best wallet. Though it’s hard to find the best one from a large collection, here I am sharing the list of top 10 best wallets for men in India.

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Top 10 Best Wallets for Men in India Reviews

Titan Men’s Black Wallet (TW109LM1BK)

Titan Best Wallet in India

This one is another modern billfold wallet which is designed by Titan. Though most of the people know Titan as a brand of watches they also have so many wallet collections. This TW109LM1BK has leather finishing with black color. If you are a corporate job holder, this will suit you for sure. It is soft and perfectly adjusts in the pants pocket.


  • Different compartments for several things.
  • Large id card slot.
  • Card slots are available.
  • Lightweight and durable materials.

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Swiss Military Brown Leather Wallet (LW-17)

Swiss leather walletbest swiss leather wallets in india

If you wear casual dresses a lot and don’t want to use a conventional wallet, this LW-17 is for you. It has a gorgeous bright brown finishing and it is made of genuine leather. It is comparatively an inexpensive wallet compared with other wallets. If you need to carry so many cards and other accessories, this is the best. There are 12 pockets for card storage.


  • Detachable flap for convenient carrying ease.
  • 2 pockets for paper currency.
  • 2 pockets for ID cards.
  • 6 months manufacturer warranty.

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American Tourister Blue Unisex Wallet

American Tourister Best Wallets for Men in India

If you love something classy, I will recommend going for this wallet. Both men and women can use this one. It comes with a stylish blue color on the outside and brown color inside. If you want to be different others, this is the best product for you. There are several compartments for carrying credit cards and business cards. A zipper slot allows you to keep the coins. You can easily keep different notes of rupees.


  • Its price is affordable for all.
  • Leather material for the longevity.
  • Stylish outlook with blue finishing.
  • Wrapping is available for gifting it, someone.

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Levis FW 14 Black Men’s Wallet 

best wallets for men in india


It is the product of world-renowned brand Levis. Its outer material is made of pure leather. This is a basic wallet with different compartments. Two main compartments for carrying the paper currency. Separate slots for carrying the business cards and credit cards. Smooth finishing which is soft and durable. The photo slot allows you to carry your partner’s photo.


  • Suit with any pant pockets.
  • Keep your stuff safe with several compartments.
  • Easy to access your money when necessary.
  • Separate slot for photo, coin, and cards.
  • 6 months manufacturer warranty included.

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 Brown Bear Classic Collection Black Men’s Wallet

brown bear best wallets for men best wallets for men in india


Some people love to use a wallet with small dimension, if you are one of them, you will love this one. Its dimension is 10×12.5x2cm (LxBxH) It comes with leather finishing. This is the best style to use with casual dresses. If you wear jeans pants a lot, just try this wallet. There are so many compartments and slots available in it. You can keep your credit cards in an organized way. Also, there is a big slot to keep your ID card.


  • Smooth finishing with leather.
  • Multiple compartments for perfect organization of your stuff.
  • Comes in black color.
  • 30 days warranty from the manufacturer.

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Pabojoe Golden Denim Genuine Leather Wallet

wallets for men in india

If you have lost different things from your wallet and need an ideal solution, then use a wallet with chain. This Pabojoe Golden Denim has a zipper in it. So, you can keep your stuff safe. You will love its modern and stylish outlook. This is one of the most popular wallets in this year. The ideal one for people who has a great personality. There are so many compartments to carry all the necessary things include your money, coins, credit cards, ID card, etc.


  • Water resistant to keep your money safe.
  • Zipper wallet to prevent your things from losing.
  • Lightweight and sleek design.
  • 1 zipper coin Pouch.
  • You can carry your ID card, driving license, etc.

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Cross Men’S 100% Genuine Leather Wallet

cross best leather wallets for men cross leather wallets for men

Are you looking for a soft and comfortable wallet? Then you should try this one. The main material of this wallet is genuine high-quality leather. So, the durability guaranteed. Best suitable for the businessman. There are two main compartments for the paper currency and with coin pockets. Four credit card slots to keep your cards in the right manner.


  • Leather and textile material.
  • Accessible individual pockets for different things.
  • Easily suit in the pants pocket.
  • 6 months warranty against manufacturer defects.

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Swiss Military Brown Men’s Wallet (LW31)

best swiss leather wallets for men in indiaThere is a common problem in most of the wallets. The ID card is not adjusting with the slot. Especially, when you need to bring out for some purposes like showing the ID when entering in your office. In that case, I recommend using this LW31 wallet from Swiss Army brand. There is a detachable ID card holder in it for easy accessing. Also, its primary material is leather which ensures the longevity.


  • 2 Concealed pockets with 2 pockets for paper currency.
  • 10 pockets for carrying cards.
  • Comes in brown color.

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Titan Black Men’s Wallet (TW112LM1BK)

titan best wallet in indiaIf you are looking for a flat finish in your wallet unlike the TW109LM1BK model from Titan, then this TW112LM1BK is the ideal one for you. You can also purchase it to gift someone. There are two main compartments for keeping cash and several slots for carrying a credit card, business card, etc. You will love the leather finishing too.


  • Slot for keeping a photograph.
  • Secret pocket to keep some extra cash.
  • Available individual coin pocket.
  • Suitable to carry a large amount of cash.

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Woodland Brown and Tan Men’s Wallet (W 516008)

woodland leather wallet for men

Woodland is a favorite brand for leather wallets. If you need a basic billfold wallet to carry your cash, some cards, and the identification card, then this W 516008 will be a right choice. It is designed with several compartments for carrying stuff in a proper organization. There is a clear slot in the front side where you can keep your ID card or the photograph you like. Two main compartments to keep your cash. There are 8 card slots to hold important business cards or your credit/debit cards.


  • Leather outer material for sustainability.
  • Enough space.
  • Individual compartments for cash and cards.
  • Available in brown color.

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Type of Wallets

Though the purpose is same of each wallet; to carry your cash and other things, there are different types of them based on the style. There are mainly 4 types of wallets you will find in the local store and online.

Basic Billfold

This is the most common type of wallet. Usually, comes in a medium size. There are different compartments in them. You can carry your cash, credit/debit cards, photographs, visiting cards, etc. in it. In most of the bifold wallets, you will notice three little slots. They are for guitar picks, but some guys also carry coins in them.

Sports Wallet

If you are connected with so many outdoor activities, then this can be a good choice. Usually, they are a little bit bigger and made of high-quality leather. Most of them are water resistant to keep your things safe in case of rain.

Travel Wallet

People who travel around the world for different works, they need to carry something extra things with them. For example, they carry the passport and some other necessary papers with them. So, a travel wallet comes in large size and a separate slot for carrying the passport.

Super Slim Wallet

Though this type of wallet is not common in most of the people, the outlook of them is just cool. If you don’t carry your cash or you don’t carry visiting cards or something like that, you can use the slim wallets. They are suitable to take credit cards and quickly adjust in the pocket.