Best Travel Pillow in India 2019 Reviews

Traveling somewhere is an enjoyable thing when you feel relaxed during the journey. But when you are on a long journey, you may need to sleep on the bus or the flight. It is so tough to sleep on a bus or flight without a pillow. Most of the airlines don’t provide an additional pillow for the comfort of the neck. So, you need to purchase this item additionally.

There are so many brands in the market that produce travel pillows with different features. There are tons of products in online from where you can pick the right one. But it is so tough to sort out the products for picking the right one. Here I am going to share a detail buying guide for purchasing the best travel pillow in India. Also, you will get the list of best products.

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What is a Travel Pillow?

The travel pillow is a specialized pillow for using during travel. The shape of the pillow is not same as the regular pillow. The shape is curvy where you can keep your neck in the rest. If you want to have some sleep, just adjust it on your neck and stay relaxed. Most of the pillows have to air up system or foam construction. That means you can fill the pillow with some air or you can instantly use it.

Why Should You Use a Travel Pillow?

When we feel sleepy on the journey, we need something relaxing. Sometimes people lay the head on the besides passenger. This can be terrible in some cases. This happens only because of the lack of a pillow. But travel pillow will make it easy to place the head in the right place. You can sleep comfortably in your sit without disturbing the other passengers. This also ensures the best support for the neck so that you don’t feel pain after a long journey.

Top 5 Best Travel Pillow in India Reviews

Travel Blue Grey and Blue Travel Pillow (211)

best travel pillow in indiaSome people are struggling to find the best travel pillow because of their low budget. But this Travel blue pillow has made it easy to get the best deal on the budget. But don’t judge the quality of the budget. Though the price is affordable, its quality is so high. The outer layer of the pillow comes with the velvet. So, you can get a comfortable sleep when you are traveling. Unlike some other neck pillows, it comes with a unique shape for the support of the entire neck. Also, it is easy to clean after usage.

The best thing you are going to like about this pillow is its water-resistant feature. So, there is nothing to be worried even if you pour some water on it accidentally. You can also use this neck pillow on the office desk for relaxing the muscles.


  • Tranquility pillow is ergonomically shaped for better support.
  • Comes with the high-quality memory foam for ensuring the comfort.
  • Its dimension is perfect for carrying when you are traveling somewhere.
  • Available in three different colors.
  • Provide the best support for getting relief from neck pain.

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G-Force Grey Foam Neck Travel Pillow

travel pillow india

Do you have pain in your neck? Do you journey a lot to different places for your professional work? Then you should find the best solution for staying comfortable in the journey. This is only possible when you have the right neck pillow. Though there are so many beck pillows available in the market with a variety of features, this one is unique. It comes with the proper shape which adjusts the right position of your neck. So, when you are sleeping with this pillow during the journey, you will be comfortable.

No matter if you don’t sleep in the journey, still this pillow is recommended for you to get the support for the neck. There will be no more pain after completing the journey. Comes with high-quality memory foam construction. So, you will get the complete support for the neck. You can even use it when you are working on your desk. Sizing is just perfect to carry in any journey.


  • Ideal to use for journeys by flight, long-distance bus, train.
  • It comes with the compact design and lightweight.
  • Highly comfortable and provide the complete support for the neck.
  • It reduces the pain in the neck.
  • Highly durable for using a long time without any hassle.

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 Viaggi Cervical White Travel Pillow (VIA0058)



Are you planning a long journey with a bus or in the airline? Do you enough preparation for sleeping during the journey? If you want to have a sound sleep in the journey, you should purchase this Viaggi travel pillow which is super soft. When you have this travel pillow, you will feel like you are sleeping at home. It ensures the right posture of the head and neck. Moreover, it aligns the spine in the right position. There will be no pain after walking up from the sleep.

It comes with memory foam which is recognized worldwide for the comfort and the quality. So, you don’t have to be tense about your comfort. The size of the pillow is just perfect for providing the best support in your journey. Even doctors recommend using this travel pillow. It will relax your muscles when sleeping. Though it seems the price is a little bit high, but it is worth to purchase this pillow. You can use it for a long time without getting any issues.


  • This travel pillow comes with the memory foam which is so cozy.
  • It is easy to carry in the travel bag because of the compact design.
  • Suitable to use for any long journey.
  • Designed especially for providing support to the spine.
  • It reduces the pain in the neck.

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Store2508™ Imported Contoured Soft Memory Foam

travel pillowLooking for a travel pillow with the memory foam construction but you have a minimal budget? Then I will recommend purchasing this travel pillow that comes with the perfect shape for giving the best support to the head and neck. Though it is a neck pillow, it also provides enough support for the head. If you already have some pain in the neck, use it even when you are sitting in the chair at the office. Because of the memory foam, it molds to the shape of your neck and ensures the comfort.

Though the price is lower than most of the travel pillows, you are going to like the pillow a lot. It comes with extreme durability. So, you can use it continuously without getting any trouble. The compact and lightweight design allow carrying anywhere in the travel bag.


  • Extremely comfortable for the users.
  • It is easy to store and carry during travel.
  • High-quality memory foam for the best support to the neck.
  • Suitable for any long-distance journey.
  • It molds according to the shape of the neck.
  • Highly durable for using a long time without any issues.

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Store2508™ Spungee Microbeads Travel Neck Pillow

pillow for travel

Do you have a minimal budget for the best travel pillow in India? Still looking for the best deal with the right product? Then you should purchase this neck pillow that comes in a unique shape. Its price is affordable for all. The best thing about this neck pillow is, you will get an eye mask and a pair of earplugs. So, you can call this as a complete solution for sleeping on the bus, train, or aeroplane. The eye mask helps to sleep even in a heavy light outside.

The pillow is soft and comfortable. You will get the best possible support for your neck. It is easy to carry within the travel bag. The sizing is perfect for storing a small area. The pillow has comfy warm fleece on one side and cool refreshing spandex on the other. If you have some stress, this pillow will give you’re the relaxation.


  • Complete package for sleeping during traveling.
  • Soft and comfortable structure for the comfort of the user.
  • You can keep the pillow by hanging with a hook.
  • Two loops with buttons.
  • The price is affordable for all.

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How to Choose the Best Travel Pillow in India?

You already have the list of the best travel pillows in India. If you don’t like any of the above pillows and looking for something new, you can follow this buying guide. You need to check some particular features before ordering a travel pillow. Here are the features that you must consider.

Compact Design: The first thing you need to consider for a travel pillow is its dimension. You will use the pillow for sleeping when traveling, right? That means you need to carry the pillow with your all the time. You can’t carry the pillow in a travel bag unless it has the smaller dimension. But it should not be so small that you don’t get enough support. Consider this feature carefully.

Foam: The main construction of a travel pillow is its foam. This foam ensures the comfort and relaxation of travel. So, try to pick the pillow that comes with high-quality foams. If you want to use the pillow for a long time, choose the memory foam pillow for your travel.

Shape: The next thing you need to look for is the shape of the pillow. Different models may come in a variety of shapes. If you want to get the relief from neck pain, choose the accurate shape. Some pillows come with loops in it for providing more support to the neck.

Outlook: Are you conscious of fashion? Want to have a product which doesn’t spoil your style? Then you should check the outlook of the pillow. As you will use the pillow externally, people will check the outlook. So, give importance to the color. Some pillows also come with the velvet outer layer which is so attractive.

Final Verdict

This is article a complete guideline for anyone to find the best travel pillow India. Here you got the list of top products. I have included the above products after testing them and reading the reviews from other customers. So, you can stay secure with the quality. If looking for other products, don’t forget to follow the buying guide to get the best deal.