Top 10 Best Orthopedic Mattress in India Reviews

It is always needed to have the most comfortable, and high-quality mattress when you spend most of the time of life sleeping on it. We understand how much an uncomfortable mattress can disturb your whole night. A bad night without a sound sleep results in lazy, un-fresh morning.

So, it is necessary to have the best and high-quality mattress to improve sleep quality. If you will enjoy good sleep, you will be able to enjoy good health too. However, but how to know what material or mattress is good for you? No worry! We have come up with a list of top 10 best orthopedic mattress in India.

Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress – The best Choice for a relaxing, deep sleep

The best part of the Wakefit Orthopedic memory mattress brand in India is the luxury sleep it provides. Thanks to the premium quality fabric provide the best comfort of nighttime sleep.

Wakefit provides the best orthopedic mattress in India. The high-quality foam of this memory mattress is made up with the latest usage of technology so that it serves best for its purpose. The basic purpose of memory mattress is to provide you a relaxing sleep, which takes away all your pains, and you wake up with a renewed energy in the morning.


  • Stress Relieving – it is manufactured in the right way to release your body stress when falling asleep, after a tiring day.
  • Warranty – Wakefit offers 20 years warranty for its durability surety.
  • Cool Feels – Its cell size provides appropriate space for air flow so that you enjoy a cool night sleep.
  •  Pain Relieving – The upright memory material inside helps to alleviate your body pain.

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Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress – Hard & Soft for a Comfy and Restful Night Sleep

As the name suggests, it is a dual comfort mattress. Feel free to use any of its sides up; both sides are manufactured for usage. The alternative surfaces are different regarding hardness and softness, so it is for your choice what you need for that night sleep. You can choose the soft one for a comfy and relaxing sleep or the hard one for a good exercise to power up your muscles.

The alternative sides’ usage is the best part of this mattress. It feels so easy when you can change the side perfectly suiting with the season. Soft sides have good enough air space to insulate the cooling effect inside. So that you get a refreshing sleep in hot summer nights, making it a best orthopedic mattress in India.


  • Warranty – it comes with a 10-year warranty, during this time the company offers to compensate any unconditional damage.
  • Long-lifetime: The high density of this foam ensures a long lasting companionship with this worth quality mattress.
  • Firm Base – It provides you appropriate support on your back.

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SleepyCat – Gel Memory Foam Mattress – Perfect to hit Pressure points to alleviate skeletal pain

Why should you consider SleepyCat’s gel memory foam mattress is the best one? Here is what the thing adds five plus charm to its quality worth. It is filled with 1-inch of gel memory foam to support your body in reducing pain levels. The premium designed packaging is the most impressive. It definitely provides a luxurious sleep.








This best orthopedic memory foam mattress in India is built with 6-inch height with all the expertise to make sure you get the best relaxing sleep. It hits the pressure points of your body while your asleep, and there it removes a backache, leg pains, spine and shoulder pain with all the skeletal muscles full-on relaxation.


  • 30 nights money back trial – This is what makes you sure that there something which is of commendable quality.
  • Certified Fabric – The used fabric in this mattress is certified form CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX. These are trust able and certified fabric companies.
  • Restorative Layers – The layer is perfectly made to provide you a smooth and even texture, free of bumps.

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Dreamzee Ortho-Care Memory Foam Mattress – Soft Comfort, the Elegant Choice

Dreamzee Ortho-care memory foam is the best memory mattress in India due to its promising quality. You will come to know this fact after using it once. The depth inside is fitted with luxurious cushioning, in 2-inches memory foam which aids to give you a best cool feeling while sleeping.

Memory mattresses are used to aid your body irregularities. They tend to keep your body position intact while you are asleep. This makes your body active and builds your muscles powerful. The elegant design works to provide an even surface so that your body remains firm and straight during sleep time. It works like magic to alleviate bones and muscles pain from your body.


  • Bottom Support – The firm support of the bottom is best to hold your body upright.
  • Superior Fabric – It comes with GSM quilted fabric, it is knitted and breathable, causing no worries.
  • Warranty – Dreamzee offers you 5 years warranty, they compensate the issues within this period of time, which a good time limit.

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Sleepyhead 6-inch Queen Size Memory Foam Mattress – Super Deluxe and Comfy

best orthopedic mattress in india

All the mattresses are manufactured on different scales to ensure you get the perfect sleep time. But this mattress is equipped with the upright material to make sure you get a perfectly stable sleep time.

Why is SleepyHead mattress the best orthopedic mattress in India? The answer to this question is the luxury sleep it provides is unmatchable to any other mattress. It serves rightly to the memory mattress purpose. The even upper layer gives you a perfectly straight surface so that you get all the way relaxation and energized muscles in the morning.

The looseness of mattress doesn’t make your body straight and upright. Consequently, it can leave you with less competent body strength. The upright formation of the SleepyHead mattress strengthens your muscles by providing firm support.


  • 100-night trials – This Company offers 100 nights trial, which ensures you get 100 percent money back if it doesn’t satisfy you.
  • Upright composition – It is manufactured by adding upright buoyancy; density and firmness to ensure you get a luxurious sleep.
  • Washable cover – It comes with a washable cover, which is a convenient facility.

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Take Care Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

this is the best mattress in india

Take care Memory mattress works technically and effectively to achieve comfort objectives. These objectives involve providing the comfort level and restful sleep for the whole day. The cover of the mattress is usually made-up of premium quality cotton fabric that gives sound sleep and provides good dream during sleep. The material used for mattress covers provide high-density foam, so we also called it best memory foam.






Take care memory mattress is made-up of quality foam by using the latest technological innovations. Due to the use of technological innovation provides good support to individual and provide restful and deep sleep without any fatigue or any other sleeping problem.

The size of mattress is usually 78*60*8 inches and providing 5-year manufacturing warranty.   The mattress  is usually white and of 31 kg weight.


  • Soft mattress: Take care memory mattress provides the medium soft feel and makes your sleep more comfortable and restful.
  • Provide Deep Sleep: The mattress provides you deep sleep when you come to your home from office with fatigue and tired.
  • Allow you to sleep in all possible position
  • Soft and reliable
  • Visco-elasticness memory form
  • It helps to maintain body temperature
  • Provides good sleep time.

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Springtek Ortho Pocket Support memory foam mattress

A mattress is coming in different sizes and forms. The mattress is best to support memory foam that reacts with body temperature and weight to provides good sleep to the body. It is usually 6-one queen size mattress and provides sound and restful sleep. The colour of the mattress is white and provides soft texture at all corner.

One of the best features of Hush memory mattress is that it can be usable from both sides and gives you cute dreamy sleep. The mattress provides amazing spine support with the hard spring system. The spring system is covered with non-woven and high tenacity fabric. It offers a fresh morning with restful sleep and makes you fresh for the whole morning. The flexible and rigid core provides you with the right support as well as prolong usage foam.

The dimension of the mattress is 198.1*152.4*15.2 cm and provide high-density HD form without any harmful allergic effects. The mattress provides the beautiful design with the durable fabric material that helps you to sleep good sleep at any time.

Low price mattress: cost is a very important factor that makes buying process complete. The price of the innerspring mattress is low so that you may purchase it easily.

Durability: The mattress is lasted long due to better construction and helps you provide comfortable sleep at any time.


  • Both side useable mattress
  • Provide super hard spring system
  • Good and comfortable mattress to provide restful sleep
  • Sturdy mattress with quality fabrics
  • Nice color of the quilt

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Cloth Fusion Fruton Cooling Gel Memory foam mattress

top 10 best orthopedic mattress in india

Cloth Fusion Cooling is the best memory foam mattress for single bed size. IT provides dual-layered cooling to get material to provide good supporting foam for restful sleep. The mattress helps the body to minimize the pressure on the body and distribute to a weight of the body evenly. The mattress is perfect for 76*36*6-inch size bed. It provides stylish and attractive look on your bed and gives your room an amazing image.

The special fabric used in mattress provide breathable comfort and soft sleep due to lightweight. These mattresses are readily compressible and manage when needed. It is free from any allergic effects by providing conforming support to your body.

The Cloth fusion cooling gel mattress is high-density foam and provides you comfortable night sleep. The mattress is certiPUR-US quality certified due to unique characteristics.

  • Dual layered cooling gel: The mattress provides dual-layered cooling gel to gives comfortable sleep for whole night.
  • Best and soft fabrics: The cooling gel mattress provides single bed size mattress with soft fabrics to give relief your body from fatigue and restlessness.


  • It is usually soft
  • Dual layered cooling gel provides comfort level sleep
  • Best gift for marriage anniversary to family members or friends.
  • Provide good natural support to your body and weight.
  • Made with the CertiPUR-US certified form

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Hush Orthopedic Support Memory form

top best orthopedic mattress in india to buy

Hush orthopedic memory foam is white in colour mattress provide the good option to stay healthy and active to all day long. Due to the best pressure relief feature, it helps to reduce turning and tossing throughout the night and create a sweet feeling of restfulness.

Due to good orthopedic support, the mattress helps to maintain the beautiful and natural shape to the spine. The dimension for the mattress is 72*60*6 inches and used quality fiber to gives long-lasting sleep without any fatigue. It comes with the cute inner soft cotton cover with zippered and Tencel fabric.

The mattress provides 3-layers having the unique feature. An upper layer of the mattress provides good turning and tossing of about 80% in the whole night. Middle layer provides comfort and softness to the mattress, and third layers provide your spine support in a well-defined way.

  • Pressure relief: The mattress provides pressure points and reduce turning and tossing throughout the night time.
  • Comfort Fabrics: The mattress is made-up of comfort material to promote good health and hypoallergic resistance.


  • It is quiet without having creaks and squeaks
  • Perfect for individual sleep with the restless partner
  • Comes up with the generous warranty
  • Allergic, sensitive mattress
  • Provide three-layered mattresses

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Springtek Ortho Bonnel Mattress

Springtek ortho Bonnel mattress provides the high-density form with Bonnel spring. The mattress is about 182.88 cm wide and 20.32 high. It is an orthopedic spring Bonnel luxury mattress that provides the firm level of the comfort zone.

The mattress provides the indefinite spin support having excellent super-hard spring system. It provides rigid and flexible core foam to provide rigid support to the back. The mattress helps to provide good firm support without losing the mattress shape and you may able to use the mattress for a long term.

The mattress is made-up from quality material thus providing comfortable sleep for the whole night time. It provides relief of the body from any discomfort level.

  • Provide more comfortable ventilation: Due to a considerable amount of the space between it, the mattress allows natural ventilation.
  • Durability: The mattress provides a better construction and offers comfort sleep for all the time. So, it is durable.


  • The mattress is usually low in price.
  • The mattress is durable
  • Provide more natural ventilation and promote better sleep
  • Provide rigid support to the body
  • Better quality fabrics used in mattress construction

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