Best Laptop Bags in India 2019 Reviews

The best way to carry your laptop is a laptop bag. It will distribute the weight of the laptop evenly to keep you comfortable. With a laptop bag, you can carry your laptop, the charger, and other necessary documents. They ensure that the user is remaining relaxed when carrying the bag for a long time. It also protects the laptop from rain, water, heat, etc. However, if you need the best laptop bag with an affordable price, just go through the whole article. Here you will find 10 best laptop bags in India.

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Top 10 Best Laptop Bags in India 2019 Reviews


American Tourister Encarta Black Laptop Backpack

Best Laptop Bags in India

It is the best laptop backpack for corporate job holders. It comes with multiple compartments to carry all the necessary things. You can carry one laptop, the charger, external mouse and keyboard and some required documents with it. The main material is fabric, and it is breathable. So, you will remain comfortable in all seasons. It is suitable to carry a heavy load. But its weight is comparatively high.


  • 26 liters capacity.
  • Can hold up to 15.6 inches laptop.
  • Padded breathable straps.
  • Sturdy
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty.

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Gods Ghost Laptop Backpack

Ghost best laptop bags in india

If you need to travel a lot with your laptop, then the gods ghost backpack is best suitable for you. It has the unique rear opening to protect from theft. Also, the outer shell armored with unbreakable fiber surrounded sheets. The major material of it is ballistic Nylon. It is highly durable and ensures the longevity. It is compatible with up to 16 inches laptop. There is a cable organizer inside to avoid tangle. Users can carry one laptop, the charger, headphone and other small accessories.


  • Lightweight design.
  • Polyester, synthetic and nylon construction for longevity.
  • Water resistant to use in all seasons.
  • Padded straps evenly distribute the weight.
  • 1- year limited warranty is available from the manufacturer.

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AmazonBasics 15.6-inch Laptop and Tablet Bag

Amazon laptop backpackIt is a compact design messenger laptop bag with extreme durability. Within an affordable price, this one has the maximum strength. It is perfect for carrying up to 15.6 inches laptop without any irritation. The main compartment is for the laptop, and the accessory storage pockets for iPod, cell phone, portable mouse, and pens. You can also carry it with the padded straps when necessary. It is ideal for officials.

• Able to take a heavy load.
• The user can carry all the necessary stuff with multiple compartments.
• High-grade materials.
• Smooth zippers for quick access.

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American Tourister Comet Black Laptop Backpack

American Tourister Cheap BagYou will love the material of this backpack. There is a larger compartment to carry up to 15.4 inches laptop without any hassle. The main material is fabric. Multiple compartments allow you to carry one laptop, the charger, mouse, and keyboards. You can also carry some documents with it. Maximum capacity of it is 27 liters. However, the backpack is a little bit heavy.

• Two extendable padded straps.
• Comfortable back side.
• It is not waterproof.
• 1-year manufacturer warranty.

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Lenovo B3055 Backpack for 15.6-inch Laptop

Lenovo B3055 Backpack for 15.6-inch LaptopThis is a backpack style laptop bag which you can use for carrying a laptop, the charger, and other necessary documents. It comes with a protection inside to keep the laptop secure. There are two larger compartments. One is for the laptop, and the other one is for the charger, external mouse, and keyboard. Small side pockets for carrying a water bottle if necessary. The compartment is large enough to carry up to a 15-inch laptop. You can wash it wherever you want.

• Water resistant outside.
• Padded straps for comfort.
• Enough room for the laptop.
• Comes with lightweight.
• Durable material.

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Asus Casual Laptop Backpack- Black

Asus Best Laptop Bags in IndiaThis is an inexpensive laptop backpack with durable construction. Simple design with a large compartment to keep the laptop secure. The handle, strap, and back all are padded for the comfort of the user. If you need to carry other documents with the laptop, this is not the ideal one for you as there is only a large compartment. However, it is a durable bag to take a heavy load. Zippers of it are easy and smooth.

• Easy to access your laptop.
• Water resistant for all the seasons.
• 1 Pocket for Easy access to Small Things.
• Water bottle pouch.
• Suitable for up to 15.6-inch laptop.

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F Gear LuXur Brown Laptop Backpack

F Gear LuXur 28 Ltrs Brown Laptop BackpackLooking for the best laptop bags in india with high-quality materials? Then this is for you. It’s synthetic outer material ensures the maximum durability. It comes with two different larger compartments to carry all necessary things with the laptop. Straps are made of padded material. It distributes the weight accurately to the whole body. Its maximum capacity is 28 liters.

• Suitable for up to 16.5 inches laptop.
• Weight is 800 grams.
• Synthetic material for longevity.
• Water resistant.
• 1-year manufacturer warranty from the purchase date.

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Hp Trendsetter Backpack

Hp Trendsetter BackpackIf you are looking for a stylish laptop backpack, should go for this HP Trendsetter Backpack. It comes with one larger compartment for the laptop and other small compartments to carry your necessary stuff. Shoulder straps are heavily padded for the maximum luxury. You can carry up to a 15.6 inches laptop without any issues. The polyester and nylon material ensures the longevity. Though it has a waterproof outer material, you should be careful. Zippers are smooth for easiness.

• Ideal to take a heavy load.
• High-grade materials.
• Gorgeous outlook.
• Straps have padding for comfort.
• Perfectly fit with any person.

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Acer Original Backpack 15.6” Black Laptop Bag

Acer Original Backpack 15.6'' Black Laptop BagStruggling to find the best laptop bags under 1000 within your estimated budget? Then you can pick this inexpensive Acer backpack. It has a larger compartment to carry up to 15 inches laptop and a pocket for easy access small things. Breathable backside for user comfort. Durable material for the longevity. Soft grip padded back strap allows the user to carry the laptop for a long time without any irritation.

• Lightweight laptop backpack.
• Fabric material for the maximum comfort.
• Smooth zippers for quick access.
• Water resistant outer material.
• Water bottle/Umbrella pouch.

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Lenovo Laptop Bag 15.6 Inch Backpack

Lenovo Laptop Bag 15.6 Inch BackpackLenovo has some low-priced laptop backpacks, and this unit is one of them. It has a large main compartment for the laptop. You can carry a 15.6 inches laptop with it. Small compartment for other accessories. Primary material is polyester. But the construction quality is poor, and the longevity is not guaranteed. It is best suitable for students.

• Available in different colors.
• Extendable padded straps for carrying.
• Multiple compartments are available.
• Warranty is available from the manufacturer.

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Final Verdict

Now you know what the best laptop bags in India are. So, you can pick any of them from the above list. To get the best deal, you should list your requirements, and they choose the ideal one. If you need to carry a heavy load and you travel a lot, the backpack style is recommended. The Lenovo B3055 is the best if you need an inexpensive one with all necessary features. If you are an official and only need the laptop bag for the safety, AmazonBasics or the Gods Ghost laptop bag.

Types of Laptop bags

Based on the material and the styles, laptop bags are mainly 5 types. They are-

Laptop Backpacks

The ergonomic design of laptop backpack makes them incredibly popular with everyone from college students to corporate brood. They come with a padded strap for the comfort. They usually have two or three compartments with one main compartment. They are easy to carry, and the weight allocates through the whole body for maximum comfort.

Laptop Sling bags

This style is mainly to use in crowded places. If you need to carry the laptop on buses, metro, and other public transports, this style is perfect. You can adjust the position of the bag anytime. Mostly perfect for carrying the laptop and some other documents.

Laptop Tote Bags

These bags are mostly used by women because of the side carrying style. But you can’t carry heavy weight with them. Most of the tote bags have only one compartment. However, if you need to take only the laptop, this is a perfect solution.

Laptop Messenger Bag

If you are a corporate guy and need some fashion with the laptop bag, a messenger bag is the best for you. You can carry them directly in your hand. Some messenger bags also come with side strap. However, this may cause you some irritation while taking the laptop for a long time.

Laptop Sleeve

This type of bag is also known as portfolio bag. Though they are not ideal for carrying, you can keep your laptop safe at home when you are not using it. The best part of this type is, they are affordable and protect the laptop from injury.